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Vicky Wu

Let’s discuss some personal branding tips. This is great information for a lot of people who have been furloughed recently in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic or otherwise. It’s also really great information for anybody who’s already an entrepreneur, or anyone who’s either getting ready to start looking for a new job or start their own business.

These strategies are things I try to revisit regularly for myself and my clients and perform a quick “audit”.

I’m also going to share a few tips for LinkedIn specifically — which is always a great place to personally market and brand…

When it comes to a CMO/Marketing Coach or a Virtual Assistant, you may need both, and sometimes at the same time.

I’m sharing the biggest differences between the two, and the exact questions that you need to be answering for yourself to understand which will work best for you, with where you are in your business right now.

Why You Need a Marketing Coach

The biggest difference can boil down to the fact that a Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Strategist, or Marketing Coach, helps you set the overall direction for your marketing, including a lot of aspects that are designed to help you be able to…

So many people are told that they “aren’t creative” … or believe it even if those words have never been said directly to them.

Creativity isn’t about being an artist, a musician, or taking part in some other profession or hobby that is normally considered part of a “creative” field.

Creativity is all about how you create life.

Something inside me feels gloomy when I hear someone say that they aren’t creative. It’s not true … we all have creativity inside and it may just be waiting to get out.

I’m sharing a few tips that are proven to push…

Bringing you another marketing mythbuster!

This myth lures you into thinking because a marketing strategy worked for this other company or this coach, that it will work for me, too!

Let me explain why that is not always (or even very often) the case.

There are many different factors that play into any company, any marketing campaign, any marketing strategy, and you have to understand all of those and how they impact your specific circumstances. What I see too often — and I’ve discussed this in the past — is that a lot of a lot of coaches (any discipline)…

Today’s Entrepreneur Interview is with Sarah Lyons who is sharing some of her #realestate wisdom and how she has grown her business so far, so fast. I’ve enjoyed watching her business grow from a brand-new real estate agent who had just received her license, to one of the top agents in the entire state of Texas!

Sarah is the #1 CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Agent, and the #61 individual agent in Texas (not brokerage specific). She is a National Association of REALTORS 30 under 30 honoree, and has closed over 350 transactions. …

This podcast episode introduces Cyndii Sinex, founder of the (new) Chronic Illness Hotline.

The hotline provides a listening ear for those with chronic illness during the current pandemic and beyond.

Chronic Illness Hotline gives a safe place to vent negatives, celebrate positives, practice advocating, build a journey story, set goals, help identify resources, and much more.

Connect with the Chronic Illness Hotline:

Show notes:

  • 00:20 Introducing Chronic Illness Hotline
  • 01:09 Cyndii’s background, and how one small slip and fall took her down…

Amazon has always been the place where you could find almost anything, at a good price (or at least the normal price) and with quick shipping. Anyone could become an entrepreneur who bought wholesale and then sold on Amazon at normal retail prices.

I’m seeing a trend moving in a different direction. This can’t be all because of quarantine — many of the items I viewed have nothing to do with that. It’s almost like people now, instead of being wholesalers, are going out and buying something retail, then marking it up and posting it on Amazon.

It’s normal for…

As part of my normal competitor research, I sometimes check competitor Facebook pages to see what type of posts they’re seeing the most engagement. This type of research is something you should be doing regularly as well.

What I found this time was rather shocking.

And it’s EXACTLY why I constantly say that you need to get people OFF social media and into your own funnel.

I decided one way to benchmark was by researching some of the biggest names that most quickly came to mind when I was researching on Facebook. Keep in mind, while I was doing this…

A Marketing Mythbuster — find out why this myth is FALSE!

We often hear that people think getting help with marketing will cost too much.

Of course considering your budget is important for every business, and especially for startups and entrepreneurs who don’t have access to huge capital like big corporations. Yet there are several documented benefits to why you should be getting assistance with your marketing.

Get help with marketing to free up your time

One of the basic tasks that hiring a marketer can do is free up some of your time — for you to focus on things in your business that only you can do…

Part of our Moving Your Business from Survive to Thrive Series

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to tighten their belts and trim expenses to weather the recession, which is a solid business practice. I’m doing that and I know you are too. Even if it’s only a few dollars a month, all of those things can add up, as we all know.

We’ve mentioned why marketing expenses should be the last thing to cut during a recession ( less competition can mean your marketing is even more effective!), …

Vicky Wu

Helping businesses clear away the confusion and clutter of digital and traditional marketing to laser-focus on strategies that result in business growth.

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