Entrepreneur Interview: Cyndii Sinex with Chronic Illness Hotline

  • 01:09 Cyndii’s background, and how one small slip and fall took her down a healthcare rabbit hole
  • 02:10 Diagnosis #1 — fibromyalgia
  • 02:45 Prescribed anti-depressant SSRIs, which put serotonin at a toxic level
  • 03:10 Nerve damage, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure caused by medication were attributed to anxiety
  • 03:50 Medical community was aware of serotonin syndrome but it wasn’t widespread understanding
  • 04:30 Eight years to diagnose serotonin toxicity, several more for additional diagnoses
  • 04:47 The toll it took on her life
  • 05:27 With other hotlines, callers want to take their life, but Cyndii calls because she’s afraid her life is being taken, so she felt like she didn’t fit
  • 07:00 Illness must be in your head
  • 07:45 Just use this prescription
  • 08:30 Why another hotline? How CIH is different and why a specific hotline is important
  • 09:45 Why even our most supportive and loving friends and family can’t always provide the support we need
  • 10:15 Why would a hotline caller want to celebrate?
  • 11:05 Five of the common reasons people reach out to the hotline 12:00 Why it’s hard when someone asks “how are you?”
  • 15:15 Getting the nonprofit started
  • 16:39 What sparked the idea
  • 18:11 Nonprofit work is like 10 full-time jobs (don’t I know this!)
  • 18:42 The impact of Covid-19 on their startup plans — starting early and pivoting marketing
  • 26:55 What it takes to recruit
  • 27:46 Your challenge … even small donations add up — paypal link is above!
  • 30:55 There’s two types of people on social media
  • 33:03 Social media fairy, please visit! How you can help with the hotline’s social media marketing
  • 34:00 The best thing you can do for a friend who has a chronic illness or pain
  • 35:00 One of the best things you can do if you’ve been diagnosed or are going through trying to be diagnosed
  • 37:00 General mental health tip
  • 39:00 Stages of grief when your body is failing you
  • 39:30 How to connect with the CIH
  • 40:30 Why not to share our social posts by tagging a friend — send a private message instead
  • 41:21 All aspects of your life affect your chronic illness
  • 43:04 Information on how you can support the cause
  • 43:53 Cyndii’s question for me about the beast that is SEO



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