I Just Saw a “Pro” Share this BAD SEO Advice… | Vicky Wu Marketing


I even hesitate adding those words to this blog post and putting them on my website (I was debating adding it as an image instead, which search engines can’t easily read), but then I considered that some people may have seen similar advice and be searching for further information on the topic, and I realized I could help educate my current and future audience with correct information.

Bad SEO Advice: Keyword Stuffing

BAD SEO Advice: Hiding the Content

BAD SEO Advice: No On-Site Linking / Cross Linking

BAD SEO Advice: Not using/reusing content

BAD SEO Advice: Listening to the wrong ‘expert’

IDK I might listen to this guy … he looks pretty sharp!



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Vicky Wu

Vicky Wu

Your business isn’t cookie cutter- your marketing shouldn’t be either. Clear away marketing clutter to laser-focus on strategies that result in business growth.