This virtual expo is FREE to all attendees.

Audience: entrepreneurs who have a goal to reach 7-figures, are currently on track to reach 7-figures, or have reached 7-figures.

This Expo will include informational booths plus “live” sessions (pre-recorded that go live at specific times of the day)

The expo is a bit “exclusive” with a set number of attendees at any one time — yet is open 24/7 for the dates specified so that an unlimited number of total attendees can participate. (There will also be exclusive “sneak peek” and post-party invitations that you will be able to send to your VIPs).

Sign up for free at (or use the form embedded at the bottom of this page)

Yes, it’s really free for you as a vendor (in addition to being free for attendees). BUT … there are strict requirements for participation as noted below.

Most importantly, you must offer a product or service that would be highly sought by the target audience.

Vendor Requirements:

I am putting a lot of time and effort into setting up this event at no cost to vendors, so you are expected to do your part by:

Advertising the expo a minimum of 3 times (including link) in multiple locations such as

  • Your website
  • Social media — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
  • Mailed to your Email list

The more we all share, the more traffic we build and the more benefit to everyone involved.

You will be required to submit proof of at least one of these shares before the Expo is live to retain your spot. Plus, there’s extra benefit if when you share it more … submit your proof each time, and the vendors who (based upon the proof) have shared it the most times/in the most places, will automatically receive an upgraded, premium spot.

Locations will be assigned based upon the date that all required collaterals have been received, so completing this step early helps get you a better location.

You must submit the minimum required collaterals before April 15, (link for submission will be provided after you’ve registered) including:

  • Logo — horizontal — it will go above/at top of your booth. JPG or PNG.
  • Video — horizontal, square, or vertical (vertical will be smaller due to space restrictions). Audio optional (if you don’t have audio, you will likely want text on screen). MP4 preferred. 500mb max size — no exceptions (it won’t even let me upload larger). You can use Canva, or my favorite free video maker Adobe Spark, or any other program for this video. If you absolutely do not have a video, you can use a second image here instead.
  • Image for your link — needs to be large text, not very busy — so that the avatars can see it from further away. This image will be clickable. While you aren’t required to have a giveaway, you can simply direct people to your website or elsewhere, you’ll get more traction if attendees can receive something beneficial, and it’s a way to gather email signups for your list.
  • URL for the landing page this image links to.

The above list is required for participation. The items below are optional. You may have up to FOUR optional items (multiples of the same file type each count as one):

  • Additional images — each image may have a clickable link attached
  • One additional video
  • 360 photo or video — direct file upload
  • PDF — if you want a simple handout that won’t require being connected to your landing page (the visitors would really appreciate this, and you could still have hyperlinked contact information included)
  • Audio — an MP3 that is audio only. Could be set to autoplay within your space, or it will always be a sphere with audio controls available
  • Poll — a one question poll with 3 to 5 options and choice whether to make answers anonymous. The poll answers are shown as a sphere with the number of answers and percentage for each option chosen.
  • 3D model as a .glb file — there is a strict size limit, only the most basic items can be uploaded.

If you would like to present one or more sessions of a LIVE presentation for all attendees, you can select a time slot. These presentations will be on the “big screen” area. you are expected to be logged in at your appointed time to be available to answer questions via chat and/or voice. This presentation can include a pre-recorded video (it should be different than your video for your booth above, with the same size requirements), OR you can use one of the optional methods below: If you are presenting live, there are a couple other modules that are available for use during your presentation:

  • Whiteboard — helpful if you will be presenting live. Any attendee can use it, clear it, download the drawing.
  • Streaming screen — you will be able to share your webcam or your screen, and switch between the two.

Note: there are a limited number of vendor spots available, so applying does not necessarily mean that a spot will be open (we will close the application once spots are filled). To maintain the most beneficial and professional atmosphere for the audience, we reserve the right to reject any application if we feel the product or service would be perceived negatively by attendees, to reject any submitted collateral, or to request revisions. By applying, you understand these limitations.



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