One Thing Clients are Always Embarrassed to Admit — Marketing Technology

Vicky Wu
4 min readNov 4, 2019


There’s always something that embarrasses a lot of my clients to admit … and it’s always the same thing.

You don’t need to be embarrassed about it!

Technology is confusing. I’ve always said you shouldn’t have to work hard to make your technology work — your technology should be working for you. If it’s not, you have a problem that we can easily fix.

Automating a lot of pieces of your marketing is one of the best things you can do to help grow your business. Having a well-planned marketing technology strategy will help get you there. While I’m an entrepreneur now and I have a couple different companies that I have started, I’ve also helped run very large companies that have been doing multi-million and multi-billion dollar business.

We could not have grown the companies to that size without having solid marketing technology in place, and solid automation in place. As these companies I helped grow, I was either the only marketing person or I was leading a very small team. Eventually as the companies grew, my team grew too — but that growth could not have happened without focused strategy.

5-figure business? 6-figure business? 7-figure business?

There’s a difference between having a five-figure business and an eight-figure business.And there’s a difference in how you have to market to take yourself from the level you’re currently at to the next level.

When you’re a sole entrepreneur you have a very small staff, getting that technology down is one thing that makes it work.

So what is the thing that embarrasses a lot of my clients when we are helping them strategize their marketing?

They always are embarrassed and even apologize that their technology is a little scattered. Maybe they have multiple logins all over the place or they don’t remember the login for some sites. Or they often have software that is doing duplicate work of another software. Perhaps the entire software isn’t doing double duty but they will have major pieces that overlap. There are no need for apologies or embarassment!

I call it the marketing technology trap.

This marketing technology trap can happen to any business. I’ve walked into companies before where I was taking over marketing strategy from someone who was very tech savvy — and it was still a mess. So YOU don’t have to be embarrassed!

If you’re not technologically savvy, we can help you pull it all together. Getting all those marketing pieces under control is one of the best things that you can do for your business to take you to the next level.

What makes marketing technology even more of a mess?

What makes it even harder for a lot of us as entrepreneurs and as small businesses, because we don’t have time to do it all, we bring in outside freelancers; maybe even using something like Fiverr to do a piece over here, and then someone else does a piece over there. What you end up with is a lot of different people putting systems into place that don’t then talk to each other. It’s really important that your systems integrate with one another for your business processes and marketing processes to be seamless.

One of the first things we do with any project that we’re starting with any client: if they already have existing marketing systems in place, we look at those and make sure we understand how they work together. Then we advise the client on which ones make the most sense working together moving forward, and others they can consider merging together and consolidating or even dropping in some cases. This not only makes their marketing systems more efficient, but can also save the business money.

Sometimes this may including helping combine multiple email lists into one, or combine multiple websites into one or a couple that make sense — because you don’t want your websites competing with each other for SEO.

It happens to everyone at one point or another. Even me! I’m tech-savvy and I try to keep my stuff organized and efficient. Yet I still find that I have to go back and make appointments with myself and take that time to clean up all of my tech on a regular basis.

We all fall into the technology trap; and when you’re not as comfortable with technology it can be even worse. We understand.

But it can be cleaned up! And getting all of your marketing technology streamlined and making sure all of your systems work together is one of the best things that you can do for your company’s marketing, that will take you from five figure to six figures; and then from six figures to seven figures … and who knows where you’ll go from there.

Without a solid marketing technology strategy in place, it’s going to be a lot harder to make that same level of growth happen. It can still happen, but you’ll have to work harder. I’m all about technology making your life easier.

This is one of the services we provide as a standalone — this type of marketing consulting and strategizing to focus your efforts. We have clients who choose a marketing strategy package, and others who prefer hourly assistance.

Marketing technology is also one of the pieces we teach in our #marketU social media marketing bootcamp, where we take you through the same strategies that we have developed over the years with numerous clients, and we boil all of those tactics down into simple-to-follow steps that you can replicate with costing a lot of time or a lot of money. Learn more about our marketU at

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