One Thing Clients are Always Embarrassed to Admit — Marketing Technology

5-figure business? 6-figure business? 7-figure business?

There’s a difference between having a five-figure business and an eight-figure business.And there’s a difference in how you have to market to take yourself from the level you’re currently at to the next level.

I call it the marketing technology trap.

This marketing technology trap can happen to any business. I’ve walked into companies before where I was taking over marketing strategy from someone who was very tech savvy — and it was still a mess. So YOU don’t have to be embarrassed!

What makes marketing technology even more of a mess?

What makes it even harder for a lot of us as entrepreneurs and as small businesses, because we don’t have time to do it all, we bring in outside freelancers; maybe even using something like Fiverr to do a piece over here, and then someone else does a piece over there. What you end up with is a lot of different people putting systems into place that don’t then talk to each other. It’s really important that your systems integrate with one another for your business processes and marketing processes to be seamless.



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Vicky Wu

Vicky Wu


Your business isn’t cookie cutter- your marketing shouldn’t be either. Clear away marketing clutter to laser-focus on strategies that result in business growth.