Optimizing LinkedIn for Marketing Your Brand: Part 1 | Vicky Wu Marketing Guru

  • Cover Photo
  • Professional Headline (title)
  • About/Summary

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Image for Marketing Your Brand

The main thing you want to do with your LinkedIn profile image is make sure that you are using a professional headshot that properly reflects your brand. I don’t mean that you necessarily need to have used a professional photographer — although that can go a long way towards using your LinkedIn profile for marketing your brand.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Cover Photo for Marketing Your Brand

The next place you want to consider is your LinkedIn Cover Photo.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Professional Headline for Marketing Your Brand

The next place we are going to look at is your professional headline or title.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn About Section for Marketing Your Brand

Here is where you really get to shine, and what we will be talking about in more depth next week.

A Sneaky and Helpful LinkedIn Tip

Did you know, that you can download a full-blown resume-type printout of your LinkedIn profile?



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Vicky Wu

Vicky Wu


Your business isn’t cookie cutter- your marketing shouldn’t be either. Clear away marketing clutter to laser-focus on strategies that result in business growth.